360FLY HD – You Won’t Believe What You See!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to record your life in glorious 360-degree HD vision? Just a touch of a button from an affordable camera, and you can record 3hours of such on one of the brilliant 360FLY HD 360-degree cameras available from 360Cameras, the leading name in the latest camera technology in South Africa.

Founded by a team with a passion for video and technology, they have recognised that this really is the future for broadcast technology, and the ability to stream love footage, using only simple app, on a variety of devices is another bonus of the cameras offered by 360Cameras like 360 degree camera for sale.
Whether you want to record the scenery during a walk or the thrills of an exciting sporting adventure the 360FLY is for you, so check out the 360Cameras website now for great deals on the very latest in HD broadcast technology – you’ll love it!