Why a Branded Event App Can Help You

Organising and hosting an event, of any kind, may be a rewarding experience, yet it is also a tiring one. What if there was a mobile app that allowed you to make the experience easier for you, and better for your guests? There is: it’s called HelloCrowd event app, and you really need to take a look at it.

Mobile AppIf you run multiple events then HelloCrowd is especially for you; you can build a branded event app including everything from an event feed so people can see what is going on – great especially with the ability to broadcast last minute changes – plus live polling, feedback, maps and more, as well as networking tools so your attendees can see who else is there that may be of interest to them.

Check out HelloCrowd now for sensibly priced bespoke branded event apps, and you’ll soon see how you can make your job much easier.