Your Smart Device Can Be Earning You Money With a Photo Booth App

ipad photo booth app

Finding you have additional time in your day and you want to do something constructive with it? Your smart device could be earning you money in the form of a photobooth business. With a fairly easy installation and set up process, there’s no reason not to make the most out of your free time with a fun side job.

With so many technological advancements when it comes to the Apple range of products, some photographers have become innovative in the way in which they capture frames. Albeit on your smartphone or even your Macbook, you can use either of these devices to set up your side business. See this blog here.

Become a Photobooth On the Move

As you’ll mostly rely on your laptop and mobile device, you can set up your photobooth anytime and anywhere. Not only does this make the set up easy but it allows you to take on more than one job in the day and at different locations.

You can also pick up a wireless printer which allows you the opportunity to set up a few prints for your clients at the event as you can pair it with your laptop. Having the flexibility to set up shop where ever you want allows you to have your own social media kiosk running at the event. Here guests can upload their pictures to their social media platforms almost instantly.

The Ability To Give Clients a Premium Experience at a Fraction of the Cost

iphone photo booth appWith the new iPhone 8 released, the team at Apple made a number of upgrades to the device including the camera. Competing with Samsung, which owned the top spot for camera’s for a number of years, they are now the leaders in the industry. The camera quality has really improved and has the ability to take professional looking photographs.

You have the perfect opportunity to maximise your free time and earn additional money, why not do it socialising and taking pictures? Be sure to register with Snappic and download the app today.